Will We Be Ready
Artist: In His Commission

Will we be ready, for Jesus when He comes again?
Will we be ready, like the virgins who had oil in their lamps?
Will we be ready, when the bridegroom comes to claim His bride?
Will we be ready, to meet Him in the sky?

(Verse 1)
Jesus said He was coming back, for those who had followed Him
This includes those that have died and those who remain and are alive
He said that all, who have prepared would rise to meet Him in the air
Will we be ready, will we be there?


(Verse 2)
In God’s word it’s clearly said, that Jesus will come back again
That He will come like a thief in the night, when no one is expecting Him
So we all, should look for Him, since we’ve turned from the world of sin
Will we be ready, when He comes again?

(Chorus) x2