I've Got Jesus
Artist: In His Commission
I’ve Got Jesus
Intro… (Slow Chorus)
I’ve got Jesus, living in side of me.
I’ve got Jesus, Oh He’s living in side of me.
In my heart he does his work, I can’t help but be the church.
I’ve got Jesus…, living in side of me.
(Chorus + turn-around)
(Verse 1)
When I gave Him my life, He gave me a brand new start.
And His Spirit made His home inside my heart.
He’s busy making room for more and more of Him.
By helping me get rid of all of my sin.
(Chorus + turn-around)
(Verse 2)
Because of what Gods’ done, I can now walk as His son.
And forgive all those who’ve ever done me wrong.
Now each day that I live, I have power to pray and forgive.
Because Jesus came inside my heart to live.
(Chorus + turn-around)
(Verse 3)
The love of God that lives within, is shed abroad in the hearts of men.
As we yield all of our ways to walk with Him.
It’s the world that need the light that we carry deep inside.
So let us all go forth in Jesus name.
(Chorus) (Modulate-Chorus) (Modulate-Chorus)
(Ad Lib – Chorus - Slow)