Lord Have Mercy
Artist: In His Commission
Lord Have Mercy
Lord have mercy…Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord – Lord
Lord have mercy…Lord, Lord, Lord, on men

(Verse 1)
Before I knew Jesus Christ, my heart was empty of life
Every moment I lived, I lived for me
By His life’s blood I am cleansed, it covers all of my sin
By His mercy, I have been born again


(Verse 2)
Jesus Christ is divine, I am the branch – He’s the vine
I must live my life, rooted in Him
Now every moment I live, He wants to be shown within
So all the world would know He came for them

(Chorus) x2

(Turn Around)


Do you have a life that’s empty and you need some freedom and some relief, I’ve got news for you today. There’s a provider of mercy, there’s a provider of grace; the one who can set you free from all the things that we face. Oh Yes, His name is Jesus, He’s the way, He’s the truth and He’s the life. He’s got plenty, plenty of mercy. He’s got more mercy than I’ll ever need, He’s got more mercy than you’ll ever need, because He’s the provider of mercy. Lord have mercy.