Rise Up Church
Artist: In His Commission
Rise up Church
Rise up Church, you’re the light to a lost and dying world;
You’re the vessel that carries God’s word.
Rise up Church till the world sees Christ in you.
Rise up church, rise up, rise up.

(Verse 1)
He’s sending His soldiers all across this land; a remnant of God under His command.
A power, a presence, a victory stand; a moving a stirring a victory stand.
Rise up. Rise up.

(Verse 2)
Let the glory of our God go before us, and His glory will fill this earth.
And His majesty will fill this land, till no one stands, till no one stands.
Rise up. Rise up.

(Verse 3)
The gates of hell shall not prevail, against this mighty moving force.
The Spirit of our Lord, a mighty moving force, the Spirit of our Lord.
Rise up. Rise up.

(Chorus) ad lib…