Artist: Andy's Messianic Music
Unblemished perfect in every way fine flawless worthy of love and praise
Clean spotless pure as the driven snow come worship give Him your heart and soul
There is only one Lamb of God there is only one Prince of Peace
There is only One who can wash us clean and make the sinning cease
There is only one Living Word there is only one Guiding Light
There is only One who can lead us to the Father El Shaddai
A sinless sacrifice was sent from Heaven to appease the Father and remove our guilt
Since the Cross we have an invitation to receive the Savior and fulfill His will
Lay down lay down your burden lay aside lay aside your pride
Seek the Savior with humility and go through Him to eternal life
We focus on Yeshua envisioning His glory
While concentrating heart and soul upon His perfect love
We focus on Messiah envisioning His passion
While concentrating heart and soul upon our mighty King