Only Child
Artist: The Servant & The Protector
Only Child

Only child, I'm lonely some
Couldn't find a friend, not one
To be with me, now just one day. Come over
Daddy's comin home today
Quarter after five, we'll play
We'll dance and we'll learn how to fight. Some boys stuff
Drawing pictures, killin time
Writing poems, writing rhymes. common
What some solitude will do ya
Pickin up my first guitar
One-day I'll be a real rock star
I'll, travel out there real real far. You'll know me

There's a clear way, just past here
If I find myself still lookin up
Nevermind that, aching heart
It's kindled the dust from within
There's a wrong way, over there
If I find my soul still feeling numb
Nevermind that, heavy chest
That's the fire about to begin

Only child, were proud of you
You've gone to school, your time is due
Go off and life your life just how we taught ya
Lookin back at notes I took
Puffed with pride at how I look
I'm rooted, given into my old culture
What am I supposed to do?
When all this world to me is new
I'm walkin in some real big shoes. And fallin
Suddenly my mind has changed
I've never seen the world this way
This picture's not complete if I look closely

I said I would not interfere
Nor will I ever shed one tear
But somethin's gotta give right here
The time is now, won't wait a year
Well I know Help is on it's way
I'm waitin for my chance today
To turn away from what I see
I feel that Someone's close to me