Artist: The Servant & The Protector

Old boy you come into the temple | with curious eyes
Once were a slave to man, so now | wonder what's inside
Twice you've been cheated, torn apart and | buried left to die
And now the heart that breathes with passion | has kept you alive

Heavy laden, tired feet
(So tired of this vessel, sweating in the heat)
No time for rest, you gotta work to eat
(you never had a Father to supply all your needs)
Take me down if I go running fast
(into the depths, if I run into my past)
Relieve this pressure and release my burden

Young man just take a glace and see | you can't cover a lie
You fear to take a chance you'll be | left broken inside
Voices repeating, speaking, weighing | wondering which way to choose
His wife and children are on the line | there's not much time to lose

It's not enough just to read about
Just to say “I believe”
Just to reason with God
If you want your freedoms now
you still have time to repent
Learn to turn away
choose to put it down
When it's all done, where will you run