Woe Unto Me
Artist: The Servant & The Protector
Woe Unto Me (Psalm 25, Isaiah 6)

Oh Lord, unto you, do I lift up my soul
My God I trust, let me not be ashamed
Show me in your ways, teach me in your paths
Lead me in your truth, guide me through your tasks
Your tender mercies, remember oh Lord
Your love has yet to burn out or grow old

Woe unto me,
I was filthy, and unclean
Touch my lips with fire
Help me know humility
Woe unto me,
Purge my heart's iniquities
My King, Here I am
Send me

The sins of my days, transgressions of my youth
Remember not, but please remember me
Mercy and truth, for those that keep His way
Forgiveness of sin, redemption from pain
The secret of the Lord, plunge forward into fear
Deliver me, let me not be ashamed.



Desolate, afflicted there are troubles in my heart
Lead me out of my distresses, take me to the start
Look on my affliction, my Lord. Look at my pain
Deliver me, let me not be ashamed