Dry Bones
Artist: The Servant & The Protector
Dry Bones

This valley may be hot and lonely
Full of old dry bones as far as I can see
But still my God is close by and near to me
Can these dry bones live again?

Oh Lord, You know life is Yours to give
Oh bones, with flesh I'll renew your skin
That you may know
that I, your God, am true
Oh bones, I breathe new life into you

In a valley, white bones
bleached by noonday sun
Rattling and connecting, one by one
Veins and muscles define and forge within
But His work was yet to be done

For no life
was in them
He said, “Command
the four winds to come!
And breathe life
into these slain!”
As I did,
they leaped up
Full of life again x4