Artist: The Servant & The Protector

You can | make me to be strong
You can | Heal me when I'm wrong
I wait for | Your final decision
To earn Your | Your recognition 

The branch of the Vine, we know
There's season for fruit
The deeper we intertwine 
Becomes time to prune
The infliction is where we grow
To a new start
Is it simply that I'm afraid 
To be cut

You saved | me from the fire
You saved | Your wrath from desire
I come alone | my leaves are wilted

Before the world | I'm chosen and quilted 

Where we roam, and whom we run to

Is the surface of what's rooted inside

It's not hard to know, where all the fox lay

Underneath the face of what's left behind

But do we know, what makes the heart break
It's much easier when He wields the blade
Hope to abide, if we choose to escape
And be rooted in the One True Vine - x2

Don't be ruled by what you once left behind
Don't be ruled by that which you left behind