Blanket - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
BLANKET - Mark Laurent

What are you looking for
This dark and lonely night?
What are you looking for
With nothing but hope to give you light?
While all the foolish world
Closes eyes and falls asleep
I know what you’re looking for
It’s the same thing as me

Yes it can get so cold
With only the blanket of your fears
And when the world gets too tough
You draw it close about you to hide your tears
Oh the cruel world
Strips you bare for all to see
And I know you feel afraid
But don’t be afraid of me

So you want to run away
And just be someone else
But there’s nowhere to run away to
You just keep on meeting up with yourself
But there’s another world
Where we can be who we can be
I know how to get there
And you can come with me
There’s another world
Where we will see what we will see
And you won’t need that blanket.