Change - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
CHANGE - Mark Laurent

I’ve been working for money
hoping for fame
no matter which way I pitch it, yeah
it always ends up the same
money might make a few dreams come true
but it’ll never make a scratch in the real you
and I’m looking for change…

I was living in the city
the city was getting me down
stuck between the smog and the stuffed-suit salesmen
I’m wearing a permanent frown
some people think it’s real cool to be busy
but to tell you the truth it just makes me dizzy
and I’m looking for change…

Some people think that bigger and bigger is the
logical way to go
and I used to want to be a real high flier but
now I’m not so sure
because your centre of gravity’s not so good when
you’re fifty stories tall
and I’ve never been afraid of heights but
it’s a hell of a way to fall

Every coin has two sides
and there’s a farther shore to every sea
and if you don’t like it in the shade of the rock
there’s sunnier places to be
and just like the night time follows the day
every road leads both ways
and I’m looking for change…