What other love
Artist: Beautifulmus1c

The world is the place of ordination
of the sons and daughters of his grace of the father above
The father did send his son to save the children lost to unbelief to fill their hearts with righteousness his love and peace and prosperity in all

Thank you Jesus
we’re here again to bless your holy name
my humble self, Alex
Dani love for Christ
Tiano P on the keyboard
lifting you on high

Verse 1

The law came by to show us all
how to walk in God
But grace came by to seal our faith as a Son of God
He enthroned us all as his kings with the garment of praise
On the mountain of transfiguration in the HolyGhost
we are hoping on , the grace of his name...

Yes we love you lord, thank you lord


Lord I bless your name
I thank you lord
For you’ve shown us how much, you love us
For not sparing your son
To come and die for us(me), when we(i) were(was)lost
What other love compares to this

Verse 2

Christ came down to lay his life for all of us
For by his blood he bought us all from the curse of sin
He is sited at the right hand
of the father and God
Above all,principalities
with aothority, of the world beyond
and the world beneath

Yes we love you lord thank you lord

!!Back to CHORUS!![x2]

The law showed us the way the only way called, Jesus who brought to us the grace of God and the spirit of his love, to teach us all the way the God and the truth of life

Yes he did it all
I wanna see you dance for him now, go

To the left (x2)
now turn to the right, to the right, to the right turn around and give him a shout (Glory)

Jesus is lord, yes his lord, his is lord

Hands up (2x), Shout alleluia

Jesus is lord, is lord, is lord

Swing left (x2), swing right (x2), jump up oh yeah, move on forward

Back to Chorus

Lord I bless your name (I bless your name)
I thank you lord (I thank you lord)
For you’ve shown us how much, you love us(you love us)
For not sparing your son (sparing your son)
To come and die for me, when I was lost(to die for me when I was lo-st)

What other love compares to this.