Reigneth supreme
Artist: Beautifulmus1c

Oh--------Jesus you reign
From the altar now
and to the time to come(yeah)
My lord, you reign
I see you sited on the throne (oh you reign)
Oh my lord
oh my God
yes you reigneth supreme yes you reigneth supreme

Verse 1

Lord you reigneth supreme
at the mountain of your grace where you dwelleth forever and ever

In righteousness you reign
in holiness you reign your reign is everlasting lord


Every day, I‘ll find your grace under your throne of mercy lord
in all the fullness of your love

And I, find it
so hard, to leave
from your holy place of joy
with all the peace I fill inside.......


And I, know you reign
you reigneth it
all over, my life you reigneth supreme
you reigneth supreme

Oh lord, I thank you for your grace in my life
you taught me how to love and do your will
I love you my lord
I love you my king
oh lord I bless your holy name
I thank you lord

Verse 2

Every, hour of the day
lord I give you all the praise
and I glory your name, my father

In faithfulness you reign
In long suffering you reign
your reign is everlasting lord

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Father lord you rei---gn Thank you lord
lo--rd you reign
yes you reign today and forever mo--re
yes you reign

Oh you reign (Nisi you reign) oh you reign (yesu christos you reign) oh you reign
you reign (4x)

Oh you reign (Mandem you reign)
oh you reign (oh Dieu tu es mon pere) oh you reign
oh, you rei--gn
you rei---gn
Father you rei—gn
Jesus you rei---gn
Father you rei—gn.