Sometimes I Pray
Artist: Gerry Rzeppa
Sometimes I pray when I'm happy; sometimes I pray out of woe.
Sometimes I pray 'cause I'm lost and alone and there's no other place left to go.
Sometimes I pray for vict'ry; sometimes I pray for peace.
Sometimes I pray for things that I want; sometimes things that I need.

Sometimes I pray 'cause I'm lonely; sometimes I pray 'cause I'm not.
Sometimes I pray for just one at a time; sometimes I pray for the lot.
Sometimes for needs of others; sometimes for needs of my own.
Sometimes I pray 'bout folks far away; sometimes folks right at home.

Sometimes I pray when I'm helpless; sometimes I pray when I'm proud.
Sometimes I pray 'way down deep in my heart; and sometimes I pray right out loud.
Sometimes I pray when I'm righteous; sometimes I pray when I fall.
Sometimes I pray every chance that I get; sometimes I don't pray at all.

Sometimes I pray 'cause I wonder; sometimes I pray 'cause I know.
Sometimes I pray and I mean it; sometimes it's all just for show.
Sometime I pray for mercy; sometimes I pray for love.
Sometimes I pray 'bout things here below; sometimes things up above.

But God knows the cries of the heart; God knows what we mean.
It may not be what we ask or think but it's better than our best dream.
God knows the cries of the heart, like only God could know.
God hears the sighs of the heart and the prayers that God answers... are those.

(Romans 8:26; Ephesians 3:20-21)