Signs - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
SIGNS - Mark Laurent

The autumn leaves are rust and brown
because winter’s coming on
and when the springtime blossoms burst into bloom
we say that summer won’t be long
the morning sky is bleeding red
you know it’s going to rain
and when the light at night is a fiery sight
we say tomorrow is a sunny day

We’ve ot scientists and sages
but when they speak we close our minds
because depression can be contagious
when we’re running out of time
with earthquakes and famines
people live their lives in fear
well you don’t have to be a prophet to see
something big is very near

Some people say love is on vacation
but it’s going to return
when the mountains shift and the sky splits
and the elements will burn
when the lightning dances in the clouds
that every eye can see
love’s children will respond with joy
and so I hope will we

We can read the signs of the seasons
why don’t we read the signs of the times?