The Approaching Of The Light - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent

I sit by your bedside in my mind
Holding your hand so frail in mine
How does it feel for you, my friend?
Both of us know that it’s the end
There’s not a lot that I can give
Except for a hug and a prayer
And there’s not a lot that you can take
When it’s time to step out of here.

We don’t talk about this thing too much
It’s the one thing that comes to all of us
And life gets more precious as years go by
The oftener we have to say goodbye
And there is no substitute
No way of opting out
The light and the shadow land
Stand beyond faith or doubt.

I sit by your bedside, my friend
Neither of us will pass this way again
Just like the flowers by the road
Now we are here and now we go
But I will remember you
And tell your story in the night
That there is no need to fear
The approaching of the light.