Stage Door - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
STAGE DOOR - Mark Laurent

The show is over
and the stage is bare
everybody’s gone someplace else
well I wish that I knew where
and just now, over behind that curtain
I thought I heard somebody whisper my name
but where do I go from here?

So now I’m standing all alone
on this empty floor
my script lies crumpled at my feet
and all the critics, they just walked right out the door
up there just behind the spotlight
I know that someone is looking at me
but where do I go from here?

They say this world is just a stage
and we’re all actors in a play
but when I look into my heart
I know life’s not a game
someday I’ll be reviewing
every scene and every role
and wondering if I’m ready
to face my final curtain call

When all the theatres close down
and when every season ends
will we just be empty actors on an empty stage
or part of a company of friends
and out there just beyond the stage door
heaven is calling us home
so where do we go from here?