Things I'd Rather Not Do - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent

There are some things that I’d rather not do
some times inn my life I don’t want to go through
but if I hold on to my past I will not grow

Ther are some thoughts I’m ashamed when I think
and there is this cup that I’m too proud to drink
but if I insist upon my own will I’ll never know

Jesus please help me to get through this life
to turn my back on wrong and do the thing that’s right
Lord I need your power to help me through
Oh Lord I need you

There is this life that I don’t want to live
a sacrifice I’m unwilling to give
burt if I try to save my own soul I will die

and there is a price that I don’t want to pay
but I must surrender to do things your way
your kingdom come, your will be done, not mine

King Jesus please help me to pay the price
not to look back, and not to think twice
and I must believe you when you say it’s right
and follow wherever you lead
I will follow.