My Friends Are Dying - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent

Everywhere I go my friends are dying
every place I turn I see them dying
can’t they see that this pain doesn’t need to be
everywhere3 I go my friends are dying

There was Sheryl
she’s just a small town run away to the big city child
she’s only 15 but she’s been around like she was 45
I think you know what I mean
till late one night in the candle light
a cold, dirty needle went and took her life
now how I wish thee was some way I could reach her

Sam used to hang around
in the scene I used to hang around in
just another laid-back hippie freak
nothing ever seemed to bother him
but he lost his mind and I don’t know why
it seemed like he just gave up the will to try
it’s like he’d never lived here
it’s like he’d never lived at all

There was Jimmy K and Davey A, Pauline and Sue
Moth, Merlin and Maggie-May, and they’re just a few
it could have been so different, if only they knew
but who’s going to tell them now?

Jesus said the devil only comes to rip off and deceive us
there’s so many souls hanging over the pit of hell
and it’ll take a miracle to free us
if you play with poison you’re bound to die
but if we’ll turn to him he will give us life
because Jesus died fur us so that we don’t have to.