Walking In The Light - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent

Walking in the light, walking in the light
everything’s alright when we’re walking in the light

Now in the beginning God made everything
and the things that he didn’t make just aren’t worth mentioning
he made the sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the night
and all of creation was bathing in his light
and we were walking in the light…

Now the devil is a wicked soul, of that there is no doubt
and all the light that God had made he tried to snuff it out
but Jesus came with God’s great power and turned it on again
the devil turned his back and ran and all the people said “amen!”
and we wee walking in the light…

So now let us walk before the Lord as children of the day
his light will show us right from wrong and guide us on our way
oh light of the world, bright morning star, our glory and our king
Jesus is the ‘Sun’ of God, let everybody sing
as we go walking in the light…