Prodigal Son - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
PRODIGAL SON - Mark Laurent

I’m a prodigal son, I left my home
Like a prodigal son, I had to roam
I spent up everything that I had
They were good times, yeah
But they didn’t last.

I’m a prodigal son, I was flying high
Like a prodigal son til the well ran dry
Then the famine came to my heart
And O how the emptiness
It tore me apart.

I’m a prodigal son and I’m all alone
Like a prodigal son, I have no-one
There’s no-one else to blame for my fall
I’m the master of my own fate
I did it all.

Like a prodigal son I come back to you
I’m a prodigal son, Lord, please help me through
Lord I’m sorry for all of my sins
Please say that I can be your child again.

I’m a prodigal son, but I found out you love me still
Like a prodigal son, my empty cup you fill
Now all my love and praise, Lord they’re for you
For all the joy and peace
That you restored me to
God you saved my soul, you made me new
And now all I want to do
Is be a son to you.