Alright - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
ALRIGHT - Mark Laurent

When I take a look at my life
see the way I am
Lord I’m such a stubborn
such a selfish, angry man
running down a tightrope, living in a dream
well it only takes one false step
you know what I mean

When I finally woke up
oh it gave me quite a fright
to se what a fool I’d been
I was flirting with the night
and I must seem like an animal in your sight
but you still love me
and it’s going to be alright
now I’m running with you

Lord you can take control
make me do what you want me to do
because I’m in heaven whenever I’m with you
and I want to tell all my friends how you rescued me
I’m going to stick as close to you as I can
and you make it alright…

Who have I if I don’t have you
and there is nothng I desire besides you
my heart and my flesh fail, gut you remain
you’re my strength, you’re my song
and they’re forever
and you make it alright
now I’m running with you.