I Believe In You - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
I BELIEVE IN YOU - Mark Laurent

Rivers flow down to the sea
but the sea is never full
and the wind is blowing east and west
but it goes nowhere at all
the sun rises and the sun sets
on the same things every day
and most of us spend our lives upon this treadmill
and I know I’ve lived that way
but I believe in you

I searched this world for happiness
but no matter what I tried
all those things men hold so dear
just never satisfied
because there is no peace in getting high
no joy in fortune or fame
and I never knew what life was all about
until I heard your name
and I believe in you

What must I do to be saved, can you tell me please?
I’m so tired of living in limbo, now I’m down on my knees
You've got to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
And turn from the sin in your life
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
And he'll set you free

This life is full of mysteries
too wonderful to know
but there’s just one thing that’s clear to me
that’s the way you love me so
and I won’t try to philosophise
or impress men with the things I say and do
but I’ll just try to share some of your love
the way you taught me to
because I believe in you.