High Road - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
HIGH ROAD - Mark Laurent

Take the high road said the prophet
turn you eyes above the valley floor
take the high rod, for life walks upon it
you need be weighed down no more
see the shepherd on the hillside
walking home with his sheep by his side

Take the high road in the sunlight
turn your back upon the cold twilight
take the high road while it is yet day
the night is coming when there’ll be no light to show the way
fire is burning on the hillside
hear the children dance and sing

Take the high road, long and narrow
to the mountain of the holy one
take the high road, past the fountain
to the temple of the living sun
for it is written that out of Zion
my holy mountain living water shall flow
ah let it flow

Looking straight ahead
there’s only one way to go
keep your eyes up front
we’re going straight ahead now

Take the high road all you children
Jesus is calling us to leave this land
take the high road, leave the mire
he’ll take us higher if we’ll take his hand
and when we stand on that mountain
we shall see New Jerusalem
on the high road.