If You Know These Things - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent

If any man will come after Jesus
let him deny himself
take up his cross every day
and follow him
if we try to save our own life
you know we’ll lose it in the end
but if we give our life to Jesus
he’s going to give it right on back again.

There is no greater love than this
that a man should give up his life for his friends
and he did it for us
so now our lives need never end
and even though Jesus is Lord of all
he laid his own glory aside
and if we’ll do the same for each other
he’s going to come back and take us a his bride
(to the other side).

It’s not so much what we know about the Lord
as what we’ll do for him that counts
because faith without works is dead
and faith is what living is all about
(and there’s no doubt)
that no man can serve two masters
and every one of us must decide
so come on let’s follow Jesus
and leave our old lives behind.

If we know these things, happy are we if we do them
if we know these things then we might as well obey
happy is the man who serves the Lord.