Take Me To Your Leader - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent

Take me to your leader, I’ve heard that he is near
I’d really like to ask him why on earth he put me here
they say that he’s got answers to the questions in my mind
and answers to those questions I’d really like to find

Take me to your leader, I’d really like to know
just what it is about him that impresses people so
the people who have met him, they really seem to change
but me, I’ve always been this way, it all seems kind of strange

I’ve spent my whole life wandering aimlessly around
now I’m standing at this crossroads, I’m hoping to get fvound

Take me to your leader, I’d really like to see
if the things that he has done for others he could do for me
if Jesus is the answer then I’m ready to believe
but this time I want to make real sure, I’m tired of being deceived

It’s not the fear of dying that’s brought me to this place
but more the light of happiness that I’ve seen upon your face

So take me to your leader, they say it isn’t hard
you don’t need past experience, you don’t need a credit card
if I could just see Jesus then I’d know that he is true
but the Jesus that I need to see is the Jesus within you.