Captain Christian Meets The Satan Steamer - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent

Captain Christian went sailing across the sea
headed for the promised land
with the sword of the spirit strapped right to his side
and the book of life firmly in his hand
he’s a travelling traveller, riding the waves
you know he’s gonna take the big one all the way
hey, hey!

Look at th3 dark clouds gathering in the sky
black billows begin to blow
and that old Satan Steamer comes shooting over the horizon
gonna give you a broadside, that’s for sure
you know th3 devil’s a pirate, try to st3al your soul
now he’s bound to try it, so you’ve got to let him know
you just won’t go.

…Everything seemed to be going so well before, just cruising along, then the sky began to get dark, the waves got bigger – pretty soon w3 were throwing everything overboard just to stay afloat. And when we hadn’t seen the sun or moon or stars for I don’t know how many days we’d given up all hope that we’d be saved. Then somebody said “Hey, why don’t you call out to Jesus, he’ll show you the way!” – ah, so that’s what we did. Because when you need him, he’s always there…

Then Admiral Jesus came sailing down out of heaven
riding th4 light on th4 edg3 of a cloud
and that old Satan Steamer went sinking below the waves
with just one o4rd from th4 admiral’s mouth
now Captain Christian is learning to fly
following Jesus, and leaving the past behind
leave it!