Graffiti - Mark Laurent
Artist: Mark Laurent
GRAFFITI - Mark Laurent

The rules seem hard from where you stand
with that spray can in your hand
you’re painting your protest on the factory walls
to avoid th4 blame you do your campaigning
in the dead of night
blaze your anger in t horning light
you’re speaking your mind the best way that you know
making a scene but avoiding the show
you don’t want no-one to argue with you
no-one to shout you down.

So you light up a joint to avoid the point
because that’s the way you choose
“A toke or two will blow away my blues” –
(that’s what you’re thinking)
but you feel so mad ‘cause life’s so sad
and the world’s so black
shake your fist at it then you turn your back
you’r3 drowning your sorrow in a fantasy
to escape form the person you don’t want to be
but everything’s just the same when you come down.

In disillusionment your youth’s been spent
and your heart is so cold
I know how you feel man I’ve been that road
I used to march the streets, chant all the slogans
and fight for peace
but nothing I did could release the load –
until somebody told me
“If it’s hope and truth that you’re looking for
love is th4 key and Jesus is the door”
when you find reality you just can’t let it lie
so don’t be afraid to give his new way a try
and we’ll be standing here, waiting for your reply.