You Are Always With Me
Artist: angela dittmar
You Are Always With Me
INTRO:__G /// D/// G/// D///

Verse 1
G ______________________________________________________________________
You have searched me and You know me

You know when I sit and when I stand

G ____________
You go before me You go behind me

C______________________ D
On me You’ve laid Your hand

Em________________ G________C____________________________
You know my words before I speak

______________________ G
You know them all and all complete

Em__________________________D__________ C
You know all that I am__You know all I seek

________________________ D________///
Too great a thought to even think

G________________ D///______________G________________D///
Wherever I am You are________ Wherever I go You’ll be____________

G________________ D /__________________________Am__ D
Wherever I was You were____ You’re always with me

Your hand will lead me__ Your right hand will hold me

______ C________________ D______C/// D/__________ G /// ////______________________
For You are always with me You are always with me__

Verse 2
G __________________________________________________________
Where can I go?__ Where can I flee to?
C__________________________________ D
Is there a place where You’ll not be?

____ G __________________
If I fly to the heavens take the wings of the morning__

C__________________________ D
__To the uttermost part of the sea__

Em________________________ G________________________________
__ If I say darkness shall fall on me

__Even the night shall be light about me

__You are with me____ You are always with me

There is no place where You cannot be

________Am____________________D ///
And I’m never alone Thank you Lord

You are my God Lord of all

____________ Am____ D______________G
And I’m never a-lone__ You are with me


C///__ D////________G///G///G///G
You are always with me

CCLI # 5789452
©2008 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music LLC