Walking The Streets Of Heaven
Artist: angela dittmar
Walking The Streets Of Heaven

Vs 1
I try to keep busy
So there’s no time to think
I can’t seem to grasp it
When I do I weep

Vs 2
I’m trying to be strong
That’s what you’d want me to be
But how can life go on
When you’re not here with me

You’re walking the streets of heaven
You’re strolling down a lane of gold
You’re singing the songs of glory
You’re shining with a light so bold
You‘re walking the streets of heaven
Singing the songs of God
You smile without a worry
As you rest there in His arms

Vs 3
I try to hold on tight
To the memories we made
Still my heart’s so broken
Nothing will be the same

Vs 4
When I glance around and see
Your favorite vacant chair
It’s comforting to know
Where you are ‘cause you’re not here

Chorus 2x

CCLI# 6252878
© 2011 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music LLC