I Never Want To Live Without Your Love
Artist: angela dittmar
I Never Want To Live Without Your Love

VS 1
Haven’t been this broken hearted in a long time
Guess I’ve really forgotten how deep it hurts
But if somehow I’ve done You ill
That’s the only thing that will
Get me crying and trying and pleading for Your grace

Because I never want to live without Your love
I never want to leave Your mercy throne
I can’t make it on my own
You’re what keeps me going on
You’re the only one who can heal my broken heart

VS 2
If there’s been a disappointment it’s been my making
Did I wander from the path when things got shaken
Oh Lord keep me strong
I don’t want to do it wrong
Keep my heart pure You’d know if I were faking

Chorus X2

CCLI# 6487698
©2009 ℗2013 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music LLC