Best Friend
Artist: angela dittmar
BEST FRIEND____________
CCLI #5303649
C /V1 /C /V2 /B /C/ V3 /C /V4 /B/C

He is my Best Friend
My Best Friend
My Savior
My Lord
__________Bb______________Gm________ Eb____________F
1.It’s so nice to have the power of His love inside of me
2.When I’m fighting powers of darkness and principalities
3.He leads me thru to green pastures He does direct my paths
4.He’s given me the bread of Life and never will I thirst

__________Bb______________Gm________ Eb____________F
1.To pray without ceasing is to have His company
2.I put on the armor of the Lord the sword of victory
3.He mends the puzzles of my life my future and my past
4.He’s promised me a perfect peace if I would put Him first

__________Bb__________________________ Gm________
He is my Best Friend, He loves me my Best Friend, He cares for me______
____Eb____________________________Cm______________________ F
No greater love is there but He He lay down His life for His friends Amen

Best Friend
John 15:13; 6:35; Eph 6:11-12,17; I Thes 5:17; Is 26:3____________

© 2007 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music LLC