No Lasting City
Artist: Joseph Gill
track 04 – no lasting city (Hebrews 13:14)

well here I go again, I let my heart cling to things that have an end
grasped what wasn’t mine, and kept on grasping through the slipping of time
well I fear the truth, though time and time again I’ve seen the proof
that I have no city here, along this muddy road and through this valley of tears

I have no lasting city, I seek the one which is to come
from alabaster to dust, I wander, waiting to go home

when darkness sheds its cloak, I leave the womb to live in cities so remote
a stranger in unsettled lands, a wayward man hoping Jerusalem will rise amidst the sand

o death now lacking your sting, through you we come to the King
a palace built for the poor, if we could just reach the door

well here I go again, all I gained burst into flame ‘till only ashes remain
in the ash of city streets I’m finding nothing but this crushing weight of empty dreams