You Overwhelm Me
Artist: Joseph Gill
When people look at me, I wonder what they see And what it means to be me And Lord, then I look to You, and all those things You do, I know Your promise is true.

You overwhelm me with what You’ve done for me Such sublime beauty, I cannot comprehend When I look upon the cross, all my gain I count as loss For all the things I know of God, His love will never end.

When people look at me, I wonder if they see The One who died to set me free ‘Cause I want to shine forth Christ, and gain eternal life For with Your blood You’ve paid the price


Your love will never end, even when I sin, Your mercy’s there to call me back again Your goodness is displayed in all the things You’ve made And most of all, Your death upon the cross.

Lord, when You look at me, tell me what You see, Am I pleasing in Your sight? For I know I’m a sinful man before the Great I Am, And no one’s justified before Your holiness.