Daniel Chapter 2 (Remix)
Artist: Derek Flowers
Daniel Chapter 2

Come gather around people
Every boy and girl
I’ll tell you a true story ‘bout
The end of the world.

Better grab your pen
And paper too
You’ll wish you’d taken notes
Before I am through

Nebuchadnezzar was king
And dreamed long ago
Daniel was God’s prophet
He interpreted and foretold

The image had a head of gold
The king saw in his dream
And a breast of silver
Such a confusing thing.

The image’s belly
Of brass it was made
The legs, of iron
Feet mixed iron and clay

From the sky, fell a rock
Put an end to the dream
Smashed the thing
To smithereens

Daniel Chapter 2!

In year BC 604
Daniel told the king
It’s all ‘bout the future
God spoke with a dream

Nebu, and Babylon
Are the head of gold
Meads and Persians next
With silver breastplate clothed

In BC 301,
Brass belly, did Greece become
In BC 30, no denyin’
Rome was legs of iron

Now, that only leaves
For our present day
Feet of the image mixed
With iron and clay

Weak and strong nations
With the rock on it’s way
Yeah, with Jesus, the Rock
On His way

Daniel Chapter 2!!
You better pay attention.
God’s not joking.
It is written.
It’s been foretold.
That’s how it’s gonna happen.
Ummmm, yeah.
Come gather round, you smart men
Politicians, jugglers and clowns
You better be a’hiddin
The rock’s a’commin to town.
Yeah, uh-hun, uh-huh