Sing His Praises
Artist: angela dittmar
Sing His Praises ______ CCLI # 5649530

__C__________________F____ G
1 Well this is just a__simple song
2 Father__ sent______Jesus for me

__C______________________ F____ G________________________
1 To praise my Saviour__ all day long
2 He so__loved the________world so He

__C______________________________ F__G
1 Just a little bit of__heart and soul
2 Took away my sins__on Calvary

__C__________________ F____ G
1 I sing of His great__ love for me
2 Spirit came__at____ Pentecost

__C__________________ F____ G
1 I praise His mighty__majesty
2 Dwells with us to__ save the lost

__C__________________ F______________C
1 And if you want____you can sing along
2 Good News of His__love for you and me

I’m gonna__Sing His Praises
________ C________F__
Gonna__sing in the morning
________ C______________________F__ G
Gonna__sing when the sun goes down
__________ C__________ F
I’m gonna give Him my glory shout
C__________ F
Celebrate and dance about
‘Cause He’s my living Lord and I’m His child

Verse 2

Chorus x2

© 2008 ℗2013 angela dittmar
Angel Flower Music LLC