The Pearl of Great Price
Artist: Britt Williams

In a Bethlehem stable, in a cattle-crib cradle, wrapped up in swaddling
clothes, that poor ragged Baby and the carpenter’s lady were asleep when
the morning star ‘rose'. Now that busy inn-keeper had no room for such
people for they had no money that night. If only he could have known
buyers and the sellers and the misguided fellows who suppose worldly gain is the prize. I’ve got nothing to sell you, I just want to tell you, God’s Treasure is His Sacrifice. All the silver and all the gold could never buy back what they sold at Calvary, the “Pearl of Great Price.”

Now Saul was a man, with a paper in his hand that said, “destroy those who follow that way.” They trembled at his name, so even as he came I know that they gathered to pray. Still far away from town, Saul suddenly fell down when a shining light blinded his eyes. “Who are you,” cried Saul, then he found his all in all; it was Jesus, the “Pearl of Great Price.”

Now the Kingdom of Heaven is like a Great Pearl and a wise man sells all to obtain. It won’t cost you a-lot, only everything you’ve got. In your heart, and your life, and your name. Now, most men want to take all but you must forsake all to walk the bloody pathway of Christ. And Calvary’s spirit will keep your heart near it God’s Treasure, the “Pearl of Great Price.”