Follow Me
Artist: Britt Williams

1. The phony dreams of the “get rich quick” schemes, all seem so very good. They can advertise with stars in their eyes, but they can’t promise eternity. You can have it all for I’ve heard Jesus calling “Follow Me”.

2. There are roads that lead to fortune, and there are roads that lead to fame. But they’re litter-ed with wrecked lives and ruined dreams for no-body really wins at that game. And there’s another road, “Oh, it’s blood stained,” for it leads to Calvary. Oh I’ve seen it all but now I’ve heard Jesus calling, “Follow Me.”

3. Behind the false mask of pleasure, lies a horrible lake of fire. And it burns the souls of men for-ever in their un-fufilled desires. Oh many, many will be cast in there, but you won’t have to be__; if you listen when Jesus whispers to you soft-ly, “Follow Me.”

4. Why do the blind want to follow the blind, when they only wind-up in the ditch? And why do the poor sell their souls like whores hop-ing to enter the door of the rich? What makes men so confus-ed, how can anyone lose when the path-way is so plain to see? Oh you cannot go wrong when you lean on the strong arms of Jesus. He says, “Follow Me.”