05 Choices
Artist: Thelma Kilbreth
What will you do with the truth you know
How will you care for the Word that is sown
Each day we live, choices must be made
To either trust in the world
Or to walk- in our faith

1.) The mind is a battleground, you see
Where hosts of thoughts war constantly
Some bring life, some bring death
Don’t choose the ones that you’ll regret
God gives life and He’s the Truth
His Word won’t fail for me or you
So keep your ears tuned to His voice
And you will win when you make this choice


2.) Now life is a garden that we tend
Each seed we plant will grow in the end
Some fruit’s good, some fruit’s bad
It’s strength will show the care it’s had
We are free to choose each day
What we will nurture on our way
So feed your mind upon God’s Truths
Then you will reap His Spirit’s fruit.


Now Jesus is the Way
He’s the Truth and the Life
And He delivers us
In the darkest of night
There is no problem
That is too great for Him
For He has conquered all of the power of sin
So... (chorus)

(end with) What will you do with the Truth you know.