11 Looking Forward To The Day
Artist: Thelma Kilbreth
Verse 1
I have heard some people say
They’re looking forward to the day
When the clouds roll back
And they’re caught up in the sky
Leaving this old life behind
Taking on a perfect kind
Where people love
And all things are divine

Walking on the streets of gold
Never ever growing old
Mansions like you’ve never seen
Everything is squeaky clean
Walking through the pearly gates
Nothing there is second rate
Swimming in the Crystal Sea
How refreshing, it will be

Verse 2
I have heard some people say
They’re looking forward to the day
When pain is gone
And death will be no more
All temptations will be past
Work is not a sweaty task
But recreation of the finest kind

Loved ones there we’ve longed to see
Flowers blooming endlessly
Never will a tear be shed
Laughter will be heard instead
Band Aids won’t be needed there
Garments won’t show signs of wear
Life like we have never known
Higher levels, we’ll be shown

Now heaven is a glorious place
No doubt in anyone’s mind
But to me the greatest part will be
Seeing Jesus for the very first time

Verse 3
I’m looking forward to the day
When I will hear my Jesus say
Well done My child
Enter your Father’s kingdom
I will meet Him face to face
Praise Him for His love and grace
And bow my knee to Him in adoration

Throw my crowns before His feet
Worship Him upon His seat
Listening to His every Word
Mysteries we’ve never heard
I’ll walk with Him beside the sea
And live for Him eternally
Nothing ever can compare
With this love, we both share