08 America Turn Back To God
Artist: Thelma Kilbreth
We have got the greatest country
This world’s ever known
But if things keep going the way they are
We could all lose our home
The problem’s not with just a few
And those on Capitol Hill
But it comes right down to you and me
And our own selfish wills

We pledge allegiance to our flag
And say it’s from our hearts
We say one nation under God
But seem to ignore that part
We’re quick to be great fault-finders
And tear each other apart
Are we so indivisible
Maybe we need a new start

America turn back to God
Turn back to God
Have faith and trust
In our God, the only God
He’ll bring you peace and life

From the start of this great nation
Many things have changed
Where men once wanted God to rule
He’s now not given reign
Separate God from all our schools
They say let freedom sound
Do we have to wonder now
Why kids are trouble bound

Broken homes are everywhere
And this is very sure
These things all tear our country down
As kids grow insecure
Love’s replaced with selfishness
The focus is on “me”
It breaks life down to emptiness
Because of all the greed


If you want more from life
Than what you have right now
Take Jesus and I guarantee
You life will turn around
It’s not an easy way of life
But regardless of the test
He will help you through it all
For His way is the best

America you’re beautiful
To all across this land
So don’t let satan blind your eyes
Let God lead you by the hand
And when we give our lives to Him
Only then can freedom ring
And we’ll have love for one another
And have a real song to sing