04 Assumptions
Artist: Thelma Kilbreth
Some just assume that God’s not real
Or if He is it’s no big deal
Some assume if He exists
Heaven is theirs through their good works list
Others assume He’s too far away
To care about them or their lives each day
Some will assume you never can know
Then they go about life on hell’s death row

Assumptions, Don’t live by assumptions
For God is real and His Word is true
It’s worth your while to know His point of view
We’re talking about eternity
So give Him top priority
It really is no mystery
His Truth is there for all to see

Some just assume that god is man
There are no rules in his own plan
Some assume all faiths are right
That no one here has true insight
Others assume, that god is work
For that is what their hearts put first
Some now assume god is the earth
And all things here have equal worth