03 Total Devotion
Artist: Thelma Kilbreth
I want total devotion to You, Oh Lord
Total devotion always
That every thought I form and deed that I do
Is measured by Your standards and Your Word that is true

I want my heart and will to be in line with Yours
Never to look away
So any time my flesh may try to control
Your Spirit working in me will win over my soul

My heart is devoted to You
You are my God, there’s no other
You are, my love oh Lord
And I’ll never serve another
And I’ll never serve another

I’m committed to You, Lord, my life’s not my own
Forever to You this I pledge
My hearts desire is to be more like You
And follow Your pattern in my life’s attitude

I’ve seen Your faithfulness and Your unending love
It holds great appeal to me
The more that I learn from You the more I aspire
To grow closer to You as Your Word is my fire