01 The Proposal
Artist: Thelma Kilbreth
1. He got my attention
One day so long ago
And said how much He loved me
And wanted me to know
If I would only choose Him
He’d take good care of me
For He would be my covering
If to Him I would cleave

He promised to be faithful
In good times and in bad
That He would never leave me
For His ways weren’t like that

Then He popped the question
And said, “please be My bride”
I gladly took His Name
And today I walk by His side

I accepted His proposal
This Son of royalty
Jesus, the Son of God
Who gave His Life for me
He truly is the Love of my life
I am His and He is mine

2. It’s been many years now
Since I first took His Name
He’s done all He’s promised
His love has never waned
Through time we have grown closer
I’ve found security
To live within His love
Is the best place to be

He brings me joy in sunshine
And peace when days look grim
He always keeps me stable
As I lean upon Him

They talk about love songs
No greater one I know
Then the sweet melody
That He gave me so long ago