Throne of Grace Final
Artist: CCA Praise Ensemble
Throne of Grace

Cmaj7 ______G9
Knowing you lord.__This is my heart’s desire
Cmaj7 __________Gsus G
Here at your throne of grace
Cmaj7 ______ G9 ____F C/F Dsus D________
Dying to self.__Letting you live through me.__Live in me

______________G________ F______________ C__________ C/E
Lord we come before your throne of grace
________________G______ F____________________ C__________________C/E
Where we enter boldly through redemption’s gate
__________F____C______G ______ F________C______G ________________F__________ C__ G
With every sin laid a side. With our hearts open wide. In your presence we abide
F ____ C __________________ G
Be glorified.__Be glorified in me

Humbly we come. Laying our burdens down. Here at your throne of grace.
Amazing love.__Amazing grace.__Given free to me. (Chorus)

______ C__________D/C________ G
Hear the heavens ring with Hallelujahs, Hallelujah Lord
__ C ____ D/C G
As the angels cry Holy God, Holy God
____________C____ D/C______ Em
Just to hold fast our profession, our profession Lord
____Am__Bm D
Lets us take our place
____D______D/E D/F#
At this throne of grace

______F__________ C/E____________ F____C/E____________Dsus D________G
Be Glorified be glorified be glorified be glorified in me… me
Cmaj7______________________ G
Here at your throne of Grace