Our Fathers
Artist: Rick Roman
Our Fathers
by Roman & Schwartz
Adapted from 2 Chronicles 29:6-9
For our fathers, our leaders,
have been unfaithful and
have done evil in the sight
of the Lord our God, and
have forsaken Him and turned
thier faces away from the
dwelling place of the Lord,
and have turned thier backs and
were filled with selfish ambition
to bring forth something that
was not of Him. They have also
shut the doors to the Truth, and
put out the lamps, the ones sent
from the Lord. This is the reason
why abortion has such a grip in
our land. Because of what the
church is doing, aborting her
spiritual young. Therefore; the
wrath of the Lord is against us,
His dwelling place, and He has
made them, our leaders, an object
of terror, of horror, and of hissing,
as you see with your own eyes.
For behold , our fathers, our leaders
have fallen by the sword, and our sons
and our daughters and our wives,
are in captivity for this.

Robert Schwartz: Guitar
Rick Roman: Vocals and Guitar