My Child
Artist: John David Coupland
G______________Am__________ C________ G
My child you have come here to answer my call
__G____________Am__________ C________ D
I cast my nets far to catch you in my haul.
____G____________Am________ C__________G
Now you stand before me and so shall I tell,
____C__________ G______________ D__________G____ (D)
All you must go through between Heaven and Hell.

__ G________________ Am________ C____________G
At first you'll grow quickly so brave and so strong,
__ G__________Am____________ C________ D
My Spirit within you, you'll never go wrong.
__ G____________Am________C__________ G
My Word will be honey and blessing to you,
____C__________G__________ D____________G____(D)
And Jesus will be there in all that you do.

From pupil to teacher you'll send forth my Word,
The seedling shall grow to a shelter for birds,
The birds they will carry the seed of my Word,
On far coasts and islands my voice will be heard.

But the forces of Hell shall beset you around,
The mocker, the tempter, the old middle ground,
And when in the darkness you stand there alone,
Remember the one who is still on the throne.

I'll arm you for battle, I'll give you my sword,
My shield and my armour and Jesus own blood,
And if you train hard and remain true to me,
Then you too will share in my Son's victory.