A winter's night in Bethlehem
Artist: John David Coupland
A family at rest,
As Mary takes her new born Son,
And holds him to her breast.
He's struggled out into the world,
As babies all have done,
But this time something's different
For this is God's own Son.

The minstrels would not come to play,
For one who was so poor,
So God of all the Universe,
Sent angels to his door!
They sang his glory and his praise,
And now with them we sing,
And lay our lives before the throne,
Of Jesus Christ the King.

Poor people you have tried to keep,
The letter of the law,
But not one woman, not one man,
Can keep the Holy Law,
So God has sent a sacrifice,
His own beloved Son,
And by his blood we are set free,
From all the wrongs we've done.

The Universe now cries in pain,
For Christ to be revealed,
And as his mother nurses him,
Our hearts begin to yield.
So come poor shepherd, worship him,
And take him as your own,
And come you Kings of all the Earth,
And bow before his throne.

So worship him, all bow before,
The greatest King of kings,
And join with angels praising him,
Who true salvation brings.
Oh baby born in Bethlehem,
Oh young man on the cross,
Oh risen Saviour, very God,
Without you we are lost!

John David Coupland
CCLI 5327278
© 1995 John David Coupland