The Old Man and His Gold
Artist: Derek Flowers
The untold story
Is waiting to be told
About where the old man
Buried all his gold.

Some say it’s just a legend
But what I tell is true
My eyes have seen
I now share with you

He worked a lifetime
To achieve his dream
Found that power and riches
Were not what they seemed

Then one day it happened
To everyone’s surprise
He sold all that he owned
Severed all worldly ties.

Where did the old man
Bury all his gold?
Not a riddle hard to grasp
Not a treasure map to hold
“X” marks many spots
Not found with shovel in hand
Buried in hearts, not under
Rock or sand

Each dawn would find him
In prayer and in God’s Word
In the furnace with the 4th Man
Where no flame can disturb.

Some days he prepared the meals
For families he’d taken in
Or help a single mother
With no family or friend

Many people came to him
With pain in their lives
Left with the touch of hope
Renewed and revived.

“We must help God’s hurting people”
He would always say
Others just shook their heads, saying
“What a waste”. Hummmph!!


With dreams as big as his heart
And faith strong and bold
He helped to pave heaven’s streets
With his bag of gold

The years of his life
Have now come to an end
His treasure all invested
In strangers, family, and friends.